Current Status

Current Status

The DSAG Technology Days provide a platform each year for SAP experts and enthusiasts to exchange ideas about the latest developments and trends in the SAP world. This year, one of the ALM presentations was of particular interest to us: the SAP presentation on the outlook for SAP Solution Manager and the current status of SAP Cloud ALM.

The SAP Solution Manager is an integral part of many companies when it comes to managing and maintaining their SAP landscapes. However, an important milestone was highlighted at the DSAG Technology Days: mainstream maintenance for Solution Manager 7.2 will end on December 31, 2027. Customers have the option to extend maintenance for a fee until 2030. But what happens after that?

SAP offers two alternatives: SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM. These two solutions may have functional overlaps, but they are by no means interchangeable. Instead, they complement each other in different use scenarios. SAP Focused Run complements SAP Cloud ALM and is ideal for service providers or large customers who need dedicated system management, monitoring of large on-premise landscapes, and high application volumes, as well as for multiple customer deployments and embedded operational automation and cross-sectional analytics.

When should I switch to SAP Cloud ALM?

For many customers who currently use the Solution Manager solely for monitoring and generating EWA reports (EarlyWatch Alert), it is already possible to leave the SAP Solution Manager behind. EWAs have been available in SAP for Me for some time, and SAP Cloud ALM can be used for monitoring.

For customers who use the Solution Manager for Solution Documentation and/or Test Suite or for ChaRM (Change Request Management), the Solution Manager remains indispensable as of today (April 2024). Nevertheless, SAP Cloud ALM can still be used in a supportive role.

SAP Cloud ALM Key Facts

  • Included in SAP Enterprise Support and Subscription:
  • Operated by SAP
  • Storage: 8 GB
  • API Usage: 8 GB data transfer per month
  • SAP Cloud Solutions
  • On-Premise ABAP Solutions (SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP BW)
  • PI/PO Integration Monitoring
  • Non-SAP Solutions
  • Customer-Owned SaaS
  • Daily Integrated Delivery
  • New Features Every Two Weeks


Given these developments, it is clear: The future of the SAP Solution Manager is dynamic and requires an individual assessment of the needs of each company. If you require support with the implementation of SAP Cloud ALM or desire further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your requirements.

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