SAP HANA Cockpit is a powerful web-based tool and the central point of contact for managing SAP HANA databases. With its user-friendly interface, it offers a wide range of monitoring, configuration and backup functions to ensure smooth operation of the SAP HANA environment.

What is the SAP HANA Cockpit?

SAP HANA Cockpit is the main management tool for SAP HANA databases. It provides a web-based user interface that enables administrators, developers, and IT teams to efficiently manage, monitor, and maintain SAP HANA resources. It also provides developer functionality through the SAP HANA Database Explorer, ensuring comprehensive management.

Functions of the cockpit:


Under the Monitoring section, SAP HANA Cockpit provides tools for monitoring aggregates, systems, and databases in various contexts. This feature helps minimize outages and ensure acceptable performance by tracking alerts, resource usage, and performance data for various resources, clients, and individual databases.


Configuration is an important function that allows configuring system properties, alerts and client databases. This can increase productivity and improve the efficiency of the system.

Error analysis and diagnosis

Another feature of the cockpit is the ability to analyze trace and diagnostic files and query system views using the SAP HANA Database Explorer. In addition, diagnostic information can be collected for SAP support and issues with unresponsive resources can be resolved to prevent or minimize unplanned downtime.

Performance optimization and business continuity

The Cockpit offers various performance optimization tools, including the Performance Monitor, Workload Analyzer, SQL Analyzer, and Capture and Replay. These mechanisms make it possible to analyze resources and workloads and ensure the continuous operation of the database. In addition, system replication and backup and restore functions ensure business continuity.


SAP HANA Cockpit places great emphasis on security. It enables companies to grant secure access and protect business information by assigning roles. Other security aspects include monitoring critical settings and encrypting data.

Further SAP HANA functions

The cockpit can also be used to monitor and manage additional SAP HANA functions, including SAP HANA Accelerator for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering, and SAP HANA Streaming Analytics.

Lifecycle Management

Although the SAP HANA Database Lifecycle Manager (HDBLCM) interface is not directly part of the Cockpit installation, users with appropriate permissions can access the HDBLCM web interface via the SAP HANA Cockpit. This enables the configuration of the SAP HANA system, the addition or removal of hosts, and even the relocation of the system to new hardware.

Verwaltung der SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime

The SAP HANA XS Advanced Cockpit allows you to configure and manage the basic administrative elements of the XS Advanced runtime environment. It is part of both the SAP HANA Cockpit installation and the XS Advanced runtime of the managed SAP HANA system.

Download and installation of the SAP HANA Cockpit

The Cockpit is installed via the SAP HANA Database Lifecycle Manager (HDBLCM) using either a graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line. The cockpit can also be removed without any problems. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the installation guide.

Cockpit user setup and resource registration

The configuration and management of users and resources in the SAP HANA Cockpit is done via the separate configuration tool “Cockpit Manager”. Depending on the assigned roles, different functions can be displayed in the Cockpit Manager. There are several cockpit administrator roles that provide the necessary permissions to manage cockpit users and resources. The User Administrator role allows you to set up users, manage access, and provide cockpit access. Resource administrator, on the other hand, registers and manages resources, creates resource groups, and grants cockpit users access to these resource groups.

SAP HANA-Datenbank-Explorer

The SAP HANA Database Explorer is seamlessly integrated into the Cockpit and allows the execution of SQL statements and the retrieval of information from system views. Organizations can explore specific tables and views, view catalog object definitions, and perform comprehensive SQL analysis to optimize SAP HANA database performance.

SAP HANA Cockpit and S/4HANA

The combination of SAP HANA Cockpit and S/4HANA provides administrators with a central platform for comprehensive control and transparency over their databases. This enables continuous monitoring of performance, identification of bottlenecks, and timely implementation of measures to ensure optimal performance of S/4HANA.

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