SAP authorization tools not only improve the management of user rights, but also minimize the risk of errors and misuse. Where are the limits and where are the advantages of SAP authorization tools?

What are SAP authorization tools?

SAP authorization tools are special software applications used to manage users’ access rights to functions and data within an SAP system. Using these tools, administrators have the ability to create authorization profiles that define which functions and data are accessible to a user within the scope of their company role. These profiles are typically created based on job roles and responsibilities and can be assigned to individual users as well as user groups. Contact us now for more information.

The plus points of SAP authorization tools:

User rights management:

SAP authorization tools allow precise management of user rights to ensure that only authorized persons can access specific data and functions. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information.

Risk mitigation:

By using authorization tools, organizations can minimize the risk of user error and abuse. These tools provide a clear view of user privileges and enable rapid response to potential threats.

Meeting compliance requirements:

In many industries, companies are required to meet specific compliance requirements. SAP authorization tools help meet these requirements by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific data and functions.

Increasing efficiency:

SAP authorization tools help increase the efficiency of the IT department by automating routine tasks such as creating user accounts and assigning authorizations. In this way, employees have more time.

The use of authorization tools depends on the size of the company:

Large and medium businesses:

These organizations often need to meet growing regulatory requirements and benefit significantly from a comprehensive implementation of entitlement tools.

Small businesses:

Smaller companies could theoretically benefit from authorization tools, but in many cases the costs are too high compared to the benefits.

In addition, these tools enable more efficient management of authorizations through automated workflows and rule approvals. They also support compliance requirements through easier review and audit reporting. However, it is important to note that authorization tools have certain limitations and require clear policies and processes to be used effectively. Organizations should also consider other security measures such as training to prevent insider threats and phishing attacks.

SAP Authorization Tools Examples

There are several SAP authorization tools on the market, including SAP Access Control, SAST Suite, CheckAUD, mesaforte, XAMS, apm suite and SIVIS Suite. Companies should carefully review the available options and select the tool that best meets their needs.

SAP Access Control:

SAP Access Control is standard software from SAP that focuses on automated compliance management. This software enables the automatic creation of users and user accesses, the integration of preventive policy checks, and the monitoring of emergency access authorizations. In addition to this, there is the ability to visualize the current risk profile in real time. This tool is especially helpful for companies that have to meet strict compliance requirements.

SAST Suite (System Audit and Security Toolkit):

Pathlock’s SAST Suite provides a wide range of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) capabilities. It includes modules for platform security, identity and user access management, and security intelligence. This tool is well suited for companies looking for a comprehensive security solution for their SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems.


The CheckAud authorization tool from IBS Schreiber provides comprehensive transparency of the authorization concept. It generates detailed reports that explain the individual check points in detail. The software continuously adapts the analysis trees to the current SAP standard. CheckAud facilitates checking and ensuring the compliance of authorizations and is particularly useful for companies that require detailed insight into their SAP authorization concepts.


The wikima4 mesaforte offers scalable modules in a suite and is particularly adaptable to individual compliance and reporting requirements. Companies can license and charge for modules as needed. This enables holistic management of governance, risk and compliance.

XAMS (Xiting Authorization Management Suite):

Xiting’s XAMS offers practical solutions for authorization projects, role redesign and maintenance, vulnerability analysis of ABAP codes, and the creation of SAP security concepts. It also offers functions such as productive test simulation to test authorizations before implementation without the risk of failure.

apm suite (valantic):

The apm suite from valantic enables the analysis and optimization of the SAP authorization concept. It standardizes and automates processes and enables the control of the application and approval process via an intelligent workflow. This tool is well suited for companies that want to manage their SAP authorizations efficiently and ensure compliance.

SIVIS Compliance Manager (SIVIS GmbH):

SIVIS Compliance Manager analyzes authorizations in real time for weaknesses, risks and violations of laws and regulations. Companies can immediately identify and resolve authorization conflicts. It also offers additional modules such as password reset.

These tools offer different functions and are suitable for different requirements and company sizes. The choice depends on the specific needs and goals of your organization. It is important to carefully review the available options and select the tool that best fits your organization.