SAP Security – Ensuring data security and regulatory compliance

Security and compliance are crucial for any company. Especially when using SAP systems, it is essential to implement appropriate security measures and meet compliance requirements. In this article, you will learn more about the SAP Security and Compliance Check and how it can help you comply with data security and regulatory requirements.

At Tönjes Consulting, we understand the importance of SAP Security and Compliance and offer comprehensive solutions to help you protect your SAP systems and comply with the required regulations. Our experts have the expertise and experience to help you implement a robust security and compliance framework.

Why is the SAP Security and Compliance Check important?

Protection of sensitive data

SAP systems often contain confidential and business-critical data. A security and compliance check ensures that this data is protected against unauthorized access, data loss or manipulation. This enables you to gain the trust of your customers and partners and minimize potential risks.

Compliance with legal requirements

Companies are legally required to comply with certain regulations and standards. An SAP Security and Compliance Check ensures that your SAP systems comply with the relevant legal requirements such as DSGVO, SOX or ISO 27001. This minimizes the risk of fines and legal consequences.

Protection from cyber threats

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and cyberattacks are on the rise. By performing a security check, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to protect your SAP system from attacks, malware, or data leaks.

The SAP Security and Compliance Check in 5 steps:

Risk analysis with our penetration test

A thorough analysis of your SAP systems helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. This includes checking access rights, authorization roles and security settings.

With the help of our penetration test, we examine your SAP system for possible interfaces through which potential attackers can penetrate.

Security policies

Define clear security policies and best practices to be implemented in your organization. This includes setting password policies, access restrictions, and encryption standards.

Authorization management

Implement effective permissions management to ensure users can only access the information and functionality required for their role. Regular reviews and removal of unnecessary permissions are critical.

Incident Response

Develop a plan for handling security incidents. Define escalation procedures to respond quickly to threats and limit damage.

Training and awareness

Make your employees aware of security risks and compliance regulations. Train them regularly on security best practices and raise awareness of phishing and social engineering attacks.

With a comprehensive Security and Compliance Check, you can ensure the security of your SAP systems and ensure compliance with legal regulations. At Tönjes Consulting, we offer customized solutions to meet your business needs and protect your SAP systems from security breaches. Contact us today to learn more.

SecurityBridge - Toenjes Consulting GmbH

Another solution we offer in the course of SAP Security is the integration of SecurityBridge in your system. SecurityBridge is an innovative solution developed specifically for SAP systems. It enables comprehensive monitoring and control of the systems to identify and ward off potential attacks.

In doing so, SecurityBridge works with state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and automatically respond to anomalies in the system.