SAP introduces: SAP Build Code

In today’s fast-paced technology world, efficiency in software development is more critical than ever. SAP Build Code is an innovative solution that provides developers with powerful tools and services for per-code app development. In this article, we look at how SAP Build Code can optimize the development process and increase productivity.

SAP Build Code is an advanced platform that simplifies the development process through generative AI-based code development. It is specifically optimized for Java and JavaScript application development and offers a variety of features that accelerate the development cycle. With tools such as Joule Copilot, developers can efficiently generate app logic, data models and test scripts, resulting in significant time savings and an increase in code quality.

The advantages of SAP Build Code

SAP Build Code advantages

The platform offers numerous advantages for developers. By integrating generative AI into the development process, complex tasks can be automated and code can be designed more efficiently. This leads to faster development and improved code quality. SAP Build Code also enables seamless integration with predefined APIs and services, which further simplifies the development process.

Optimization of the development process

SAP Build Code enables developers to make their development work more efficient and increase their performance. This platform provides numerous tools and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of Java and JavaScript developers. Thanks to the use of generative artificial intelligence, programmers can generate high-quality code and easily integrate applications into the platform.

Start a new project

SAP Build Code offers developers the flexibility to create applications effortlessly. A UI application or a full-stack application can be selected for mobile and desktop applications.

SAP Build Code provides an impressive range of preconfigured services that facilitate the development and extension of applications:

  1. SAP Business Application Studio: This service is ideal for highly productive development with the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) and SAPUI5.
  2. SAP Mobile Services: Developers get access to industry-leading tools and services for mobile enterprise application development, including the Mobile Development Kit and native SAP BTP SDKs for iOS and Android.
  3. SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition: This service provides a single point of access to deliver customized applications, processes, information and data to any device.
  4. SAP Document Management Service: This can be used to securely store and manage business documents and attachments.
  5. SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery Service and SAP Cloud Transport Management: These services support DevOps at enterprise level and ensure a smooth development process.
  6. SAP Alert Notification Service: This service allows you to publish alerts and receive real-time alerts that may be of interest to your organization.
  7. SAP Audit Log Service: This service allows you to create secure and compliant audit logs for all operations performed within your applications.
  8. SAP Cloud Logging: This service provides robust and scalable application-level logging.

Different functions of the platform

The platform has various functions to improve the development and test phase:

  • SAP Build Lobby: This centralized hub facilitates the management and monitoring of all SAP Build Code projects, encourages collaboration and provides easy access to the cloud development environment.
  • Visual programming tools and guided wizards: These tools simplify the creation of full-stack web and mobile applications, following best practices.
  • Development tools for CAP: Leverage CAP’s capabilities and SAP BTP service integrations to simplify back-end development and future-proof solutions.
  • Integration of SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori elements: This allows you to develop consistent, user-friendly web user interfaces with efficiency and customizability.
  • Seamless integration with SAP Mobile Services: This enables offline data synchronization, push notifications and cross-platform mobile app development.
  • Storyboard: This tool provides a graphical overview of the application structure, data models, services and user interface elements.
  • Manual code exploration: This gives you the opportunity to inspect and improve the generated code.
  • One-click deployment and integrated sandbox: These features speed up development by simplifying setup and testing with simulated data.
  • Debugging tools: These help identify and fix issues during development and transition to real data and services.
  • Fusion development capabilities: This allows SAP Build code artifacts to be integrated into SAP Build low-code solutions.

Whether you are building UI or full-stack applications, SAP Build Code is the ideal choice for smooth and productive development.

SAP Build Code increased productivity

Collaboration and increased productivity

The platform promotes collaboration between professional developers and business experts. By sharing application components such as the user interface, business logic and processes, teams can work more efficiently and develop innovative solutions. This leads to increased productivity and better business results.

To summarize

SAP Build Code is a powerful platform that can revolutionize the development process and increase productivity. By fostering collaboration and increasing productivity, the platform is an indispensable resource for modern development teams.

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