With SAP Build, SAP continues its visual prototyping strategy, known to many as Build.me, enabling customers to develop, deploy, and run enterprise-ready applications in a completely visual way.

Unified developer experience

The SAP tool enables users to share reusable artifacts such as UX components, workflows, automations, data models and business logic across teams and projects. In addition, using so-called “action projects” as simplified service interfaces, developers can access business data from other systems and make it available in the build library.

Security and compliance

In the tool, security and compliance are ensured by integrating existing SAP-BTP services. These include the Identity Authentication, User Authorization and Identity Provisioning service, which support secure user management. In addition, the SAP Audit Log Service is used to document all activities within the tool, ensuring complete transparency and compliance.

SAP Build – Process Automation

Applications are often just the beginning of complex business processes that require approval steps and the collection of additional data. SAP Build Process Automation can automate these processes by streamlining tasks and processes using robotic process automation (RPA) bots, workflows, forms, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), business rules, and decisions.

Further development of SAP AppGyver

Business users today expect modern, fast and adaptable user interfaces. SAP Build Apps, the evolution of SAP AppGyver, enables companies to meet these demands. Using simple drag-and-drop and a comprehensive component library, both mobile solutions and web applications can be delivered with perfect design.

SAP Build – Work Zone

With SAP Build Work Zone, users have the ability to create attractive and individual corporate websites. New features such as a flexible page builder and contextual integrated UI maps support the creation of these websites. These features enable applications and processes developed in Build Apps and Build Process Automation to be deployed on a Build Work Zone enterprise website.

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