You are using a monitoring solution like Icinga or Checkmk and want to monitor your SAP HANA database? We have the right script for you!

Our SAP HANA monitoring integration in Checkmk and Icinga offers you a powerful solution for comprehensive monitoring of your SAP HANA environment. We have developed a script that gives you detailed insights into the health of your database and allows you to identify potential problems early on. This helps you minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Our solution allows you to monitor a variety of key metrics and metrics including login time, all HANA owned alerts, HANA backups (log backup, incremental backup, full backup) and more. Get real-time information about the health of your SAP HANA environment and use that data to make informed decisions and proactively address issues.

Integration of SAP HANA with Checkmk and Icinga

You don’t need to install any additional addons or complex configurations.

Instead, you can simply implement our script, which will extract the necessary metrics from SAP HANA, generate log files, which can then be read with the “Logfile Reader” of your existing monitoring solution.

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any questions or issues. We provide comprehensive technical support and professional consulting to ensure you get the most out of our solution. We will assist you with installation, configuration and optimization to ensure your monitoring system runs smoothly.

Overall, our SAP HANA monitoring integration with Checkmk and Icinga provides a powerful and reliable solution for monitoring your SAP HANA environment. You’ll gain comprehensive insights into the health of your database and be able to proactively identify and resolve potential issues.

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If you’re looking for an elaborate script to implement, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has developed a script that will help you achieve your goals.

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