The benefits and steps for a successful installation

SAP On-Premise is a proven solution for companies that want to run their data and applications locally on their own servers.

Data security

With the On-Premise solution, you retain full control over your data. It is not stored in the cloud, but remains on your own servers, ensuring a high level of security and data protection.


Local installation gives you the ability to customize SAP to meet your business needs. You can make configurations and implement extensions flexibly in terms of scheduling.

Speed and performance

Since the data is hosted locally, you benefit from fast access times and high performance. This is especially important for companies with large amounts of data.

Steps for a successful SAP On-Premise installation:

SAP On-Premise - Toenjes Consulting GmbH

With careful planning and implementation, we can successfully implement SAP On-Premise in your company and benefit from the advantages of this proven solution.

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