A short time ago, the US company Intel announced that the Intel Optane security memory technology will soon be wound down.

But what does this actually mean for SAP HANA users?

SAP and Intel have decided that there will continue to be support until the end of the product’s life. The warranty terms for Intel products remain unchanged – with the normal 5-year warranty from the date of sale and technical support during the warranty period. These include the Intel Optane PMem 100 series – codenamed “Apache Pass” – on the one hand, and the Intel Optane PMem 200 series – codenamed “Barlow Pass” – on the other.

Intel Optane PMen 300 series development on Intel Xeon Scalable processors will continue throughout its lifecycle.

SAP’s Intel Optane PMem support for SAP HANA is described to SAP notes “2618154” and “2954515“.

There is good news for SAP HANA users despite the product’s wind-down: SAP HANA continues to support Intel technology in AppDirect Mode for production workloads and allows the use of Memory Mode and Mixed Mode in non-production environments.

SAP and Intel are still working to enable the upcoming CXL (Compute Express Link).

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