Your systems need some outside help to get the right stability or performance boost. It is also worth taking a look at supposedly healthy system landscapes. The investment you make is usually disproportionate to a security incident or the standstill of production facilities.

Tönjes Consulting helps you to analyze your systems. In the first consulting meeting we will agree on how the analysis of your SAP systems will be carried out.

As a rule, the following scenarios are possible:

  1. We check the systems via remote access.
  2. You create a system dump according to our specifications.
  3. You guide us through the systems live in a remote session, and we get a picture together.

In any case, 14 days after the information has been provided, you will receive a package of measures adapted to your systems, which we will discuss together with your application managers.

We do not need access to customer or business data for the analysis.