From January 27, 2023 the new release of SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 will be available in the SAP Support Portal!

The new SAP GUI version will be supported from then until January 12, 2027 – unlike the versions before, the ERP tool was created with Microsoft Visual Studio, which, however, will already expire on April 9, 2024. This was one of the reasons why a new version was needed.

In the following the advantages of the new version are listed:

64bit version

There is now a 64bit version of the SAP GUI for Windows, which was previously only available as a 32bit version. This new version offers a nearly complete feature set and has some minor differences from the 32bit version.

UI improvements

The ActiveX control version of the Combobox UI element can now display and sort keys of entries, which increases usability and efficiency. With SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 these functions are available and can be controlled. Tree controls now display a scroll indicator when the user scrolls to identify the position of the currently displayed data block. In addition, table controls now support additional keyboard shortcuts for improved navigation and consistency. Dialog box containers also now have better keyboard navigation and are better integrated with the tabchain.

SAP Logon

SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 brings new features such as the ability to configure network connectivity without single sign-on as the default and improved column sorting and ordering. There is also a new feature that checks if the operating system meets the requirements to display the selected language correctly. In addition, relevant columns have been added in the Workspace View and List View for SAP Shortcuts and Favorites, and the hide columns feature has been enhanced so that an administrator can decide which columns are needed!

Improvements for Quartz themes

The Quartz rendering engine has been modernized, resulting in a more harmonious appearance, additional features such as buttons to delete entries in the OKCode field and improved visualization of the dotted focus. Handling of visibility properties in SAP GUI scripting for themes from Belize has also been improved.

HTML Control Extensions – based on Microsoft Edge / WebView 2

With the release of SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 and the browser extension “SAP GUI Connector for Microsoft Edge”, the HTML Control can now open a fully functional Edge browser window when opening external URLs instead of just opening a browser tab. Another limitation of the HTML control based on WebView2 was that embedded HTML documents could not interact with ActiveX controls installed on the client PC. With the ABAP enhancements delivered in SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 (or 7.70 as of patch level 11), it is now possible to pass an ActiveX object to an HTML document and enable interaction between these objects.

Branding Image

Until now it was only possible to set a single branding image for all SAP systems and clients. It is now possible to define and select branding images per SAP system and client!

Font settings in SAP GUI for Windows 8.00

Previously, the font size was displayed in points, which could lead to misunderstandings, since SAP GUI internally works with percentages. The font settings dialog has therefore been revised and the font size is now selected directly using a scaling factor in percent. It is also possible to save and maintain different font settings per character set, which is useful for working with multiple languages with different character sets.

Changed features in patch level 0

The default browser control setting in the SAP GUI for Windows is now Edge based on Chromium (WebView2 Control) instead of Internet Explorer Control – because Internet Explorer Control is no longer supported and this change will improve the modern browsing experience. UAC virtualization is no longer used to avoid problems with analysis and resolution of issues. Server configuration files in the SAP UI Landscape are no longer loaded in case of certificate errors to achieve a more secure default configuration. However, it is recommended to use valid certificates.

The HTML editing component “KW HTML Editor” of KW Add-On for SAP GUI is no longer available and supported as of SAP GUI for Windows 8.00.